BeMoore Pilates, Yoga & Personal Training

Pilates, Yoga, Restorative, Breath-work, and Flexibility Training.

Classes accessible at our studio, via Zoom and location visit.

Private Coaching can also be booked as requested.

Our vision as a well-being business is to help people become stronger and more flexible physically and mentally.

I strive to provide:

  • A community space.
  • A relaxing space- a place to release and unwind.
  • An enjoyable environment where you are invited to express yourself authentically through movement.
  • Safely guided and challenging exercises (suitable for all levels).
  • 3rd party collaborations with an array of healthcare practitioners (supporting rehabilitation).
  • Workshops aiming to supply high-quality lifestyle advice and education.
  • 1:1 support in achieving your goals.

Please feel free to book in for an unlimited free weeks trial we would love to have you join us!

Please visit to find out more about our classes and workshops.

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